Best Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaners

Do you have a pool at home but have no time to keep it clean? Why not invest in an automatic robotic pool cleaner? Not only will it keep your pool looking crystal clean, but also help transform it into the clear and luxurious looking pools that you often see on TV!

You may often rely on online shopping to search for the best products to buy, but the sad reality is that there are many misleading product descriptions on the online shopping platform that makes it difficult for you to discern which products are good. Thus, when you are searching online for the best automatic robotic pool cleaner to purchase, we recommend that you do enough research on the machine.

This is where this guide comes in handy for you! In this guide, we review highly rated models of automatic robotic pool cleaners so that you can select the one most suitable for you. Apart from weighing the pros and cons of each model, we will also walk you through the process of purchasing the product so that your investment will not go to waste.

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Why should you invest in a robotic pool cleaner?

If you have a pool, there is no question that you will need to maintain it. For those who have the budget, hiring someone to clean your pool would be the most ideal choice. However, for those who simply do not have the budget, a robotic pool cleaner would be a good investment for you to keep your pool clean without needing to fork out too much money.

Of course, there are other cheaper pool cleaning tools, such as brushes, nets, and vacuums. However, they will require lots of effort on your part when cleaning the pool. Robotic pool cleaners not only help you reduce the time and effort to keep your pool clean, but are also a more economical option. Many types of robotic pool cleaners exist in the market, including suction-side and pressure-side cleaners.

While robotic cleaners can be expensive, there are many affordable ones on the market. Although they can help you save time and effort in maintaining your pool, why should you still purchase a robotic pool cleaner?

For most of us as full-time employees, we are juggling our jobs and raising a family at the same time. During our precious off days, rather than wasting our time cleaning the pool, we would rather be relaxing in the pool instead. While cleaning the pool could definitely serve as a good workout, we doubt that you would want to manually scrub the pool, especially if you are suffering from issues like back pain.

A robotic pool cleaner can not only clean your pool, but also maintain the quality of your pool pump! As compared to a regular pool vacuum, a robotic pool cleaner is built with advanced filtration system and scrubbing in order to remove impurities from your pool that is invisible to the naked eye. In addition, they have a built-in navigation system to ensure that every inch of your pool is cleaned. Furthermore, robotic cleaners rely on their own power source and filters, while normal pool vacuums have to rely on your pool’s pump as a power source which can cause your pool pump to deteriorate. Robotic cleaners, thus, have the added benefit of maintaining the quality of your pool pump. Lastly, robotic cleaners are also environmentally friendly because they are built to be energy efficient. By helping to keep your pool sparkling clean, robotic cleaners also reduce the need to use chemicals that can harm the environment.

Features of a Good Robotic Pool Cleaner:

1. Lightweight
You should look for a pool cleaner that is not too heavy so that you can easily handle it. Although bigger pool cleaners might be good for bigger pools, you will have difficulty even lifting the pool cleaner into the pool if it is too heavy.

2. Wide Tires and Four-Wheel Drive
You will need to make sure that the pool cleaner can navigate around your pool easily to clean it well. For this, we recommend pool cleaners with wide tires and four-wheel drive made of rubber. This will allow your pool cleaner to navigate the bumps and slippery surfaces of your pool easily.

3. Swivel Cord
A swivel cord is extremely important for your robotic pool cleaner because it will need to be able to move freely around your pool to clean your pool well! Without a swivel cord, the cables might get tangled easily and this will not only prevent your cleaner from doing its job properly, but also damage the machine.

4. High-Quality Brushes
Robotic pool cleaners have in-built brushes in them to save you the hassle of having to manually remove impurities from your pool. You should look for the pool cleaners that have hard-bristle brushes or rotating rubber brushes which are durable and will be able to effectively clean dirt from your pool.

5. Programmable Timer
You should look for the pool cleaners that come with a programmable timer so that you can just simply leave it in your pool and let it do its job. After all, isn’t the whole point of purchasing a robotic pool cleaner to make the menial task of cleaning your pool convenient? However, you should still make sure to occasionally clean your machine to make sure it can perform its best.

6. Climbing Ability
You should look for pool cleaners that are able to climb well so that it can easily clean the sides of your pool, the waterline, and even the stairs of your pool!

7. Deflecting Features and Sensors
We recommend that you make sure your pool cleaners come with deflecting features and sensors so that they won’t get stuck in corners when cleaning your pool.

8. Efficient Pool Cleaning Cycles
Every pool cleaner in the market comes with its own set of pool cleaning cycles. It would be ideal to look for pool cleaners that have pool cleaning cycles that can clean your pool in the shortest time possible, yet still keep it well clean.

9. Durability
You wouldn’t want your investment to go to waste by buying a robotic pool cleaner that breaks down often. Thus, you should look for those made of high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. While eventually, you would still have to send it for servicing, those with durable materials can last a lot longer and save you more money in the long run. Be sure to check the warranty of your cleaner so that you know how to deal with the occasion that your cleaner fails.

10. Energy Efficiency
The amount of energy consumed by your pool cleaner is very dependent on its size. While small pool cleaners consume approximately 200 watts per hour, large pool cleaners can consume up to 1000 watts. You want to look for a pool cleaner that does not consume more than 1000 watts per hour, so you don’t spend too much money simply operating your machine.

Types of Pool Cleaners

1. Manual Pool Cleaners
Manual pool cleaners are the most inexpensive, yet the most effort-inducing pool cleaner on the market. You will need manually navigate the water vacuum around your pool until all areas are clean. Also, you will need to connect the suction hose to the pool skimmer so that the waste can be properly deposited at the waste area.

2. Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners
Pressure-side pool cleaners are slightly better than manual pool cleaners because these machines work automatically. In addition, they have an in-built filter bag to collect the impurities from your pool which manual pool cleaners do not have. While pressure-side pool cleaners are better at removing small debris, they do a moderate job at cleaning large debris.

3. Suction-Side Pool Cleaners
Suction-side pool cleaners can clean the floor and walls of your pool efficiently, while depositing the debris into your pool’s filter system. However, like the manual pool cleaner, suction-side pool cleaners rely on your pool’s filter system to collect the debris, which might not be ideal for some.

4. Robotic Pool Cleaners
Robotic pool cleaners are the ideal choice for most people because of their many built-in features that make cleaning pools convenient. Robotic pool cleaners only require you to plug in the low voltage plug into a power source before it can clean your pool entirely on its own! It has its own pump that can pick up both large and small debris, and then store the debris in its self-contained unit with a filter. The robotic pool cleaner also has a built-in motor for its wheels so that it can move along the floor and walls of your pool to clean it better. If you are looking for a convenient yet effective way to clean your pool, the robotic pool cleaner is definitely a good investment.


1. Can my robotic pool cleaner be used underwater?
Yes, of course! Robotic pool cleaners are meant to be used underwater so that it can clean the walls and floor of your pool.

2. Can my robotic pool cleaner be just left in the pool?
When you are not using your pool, you can leave your pool cleaner in it. However, we would advise you to remove your pool cleaner from the pool whenever you add balancing chemicals in the pool.

3. How long can my robotic pool cleaner last?
Most pool cleaners can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years with basic maintenance. However, this is dependent on how durable your machine is and how often you use it.

4. How often should I clean my pool with my robotic pool cleaner?
This depends on how often you use your pool. If you are a frequent user of your pool, we recommend you clean it daily or once every two days. However, if you don’t use your pool that often, cleaning it once or twice a week would be sufficient.

5. How often should I backwash my pool?
We recommend you backwash your pool once per week. However, if you have scheduled maintenance for your pool, you can arrange your backwashing accordingly, as long as you backwash immediately after vacuuming the pool.

6. Should I get a robotic pool cleaner or a pressure-side pool cleaner?
We recommend getting a robotic pool cleaner because its built-in features make it more efficient. They can not only remove both large and small debris well, but can also be used without a filtration system or pool pump. On the other hand, pressure-side pool cleaners can only filter small debris and get easily clogged by larger debris such as leaves. They also rely on your pool’s filter pump which makes pressure-side pool cleaners more inconvenient to use.


We have come up with this guide in the hopes that it has taught you the different things to look out for when buying the most ideal robotic pool cleaner for your pool. As always, we recommend you conduct extensive research and to select the robotic pool cleaner that best suits your needs. Because a robotic pool cleaner is quite an investment, you should always purchase from well-known manufacturers in the market and check to make sure your product comes with warranty.

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