Best Pool Automation Controls

Have you ever considered having your spa pool or swimming pool systems automated? Despite the initial cost, it can turn out to be a long-term investment for you and your family as you will not only be saving money on your bills but it also adds that enjoyment of efficiency and convenience to your lives.

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Benefits of Pool Automation:

Like any product that you upgrade for efficiency and convenience purposes, it comes complete with some great benefits. These can include time-savers like sitting back and pushing a single button as you watch your spa pool roar to life or heading out for a few hours on a Saturday night and you can turn on your spa before you leave and wham, bam when you arrive home – your spa pool is patiently waiting for you to soak and relax in.

As the world becomes more technology-focused and new technology updates being made daily even your pool automation systems have kept up with the times. Gone are the days of having a remote control mounted or handheld and having to navigate the buttons to find the correct setting which took a bit of mucking around to get used to. Pool Automation systems are now controlled mainly through wi-fi capability with devices like watches and smartphones to voice-control systems like Google Home and Alexa.

The pool automation systems also include other capabilities than just a turning on/off button. They can also protect your booster pumps from running dry and bring your VS pumps up to a speed of your choice when you turn the warmth heating function on. This means that you are controlling the amount of water flow when the heater is turned on.

The system can also help you from having to spend unnecessary finances on things like busted water pipes which can end up costly. This function is called freeze protection. This helps to turn on your main circulation pump when the water is flowing when the temperature levels start to drop.

What Parts of My Pool Can I Automate?
With your pool automation system, every aspect of your pool can be automated at a push of a button or controlled via your wi-fi which allows you to set the pool moods even when you are busy running errands out and about.
The newer and up to date models of pool automation systems have made the automation proce
ss very easy to use and friendly. They are also designed in a way, that if you wished to have added features now or at a later stage, they can just slot into your current pool automation system.

What is Required for a Pool Automation Setup?
Starting with the most obvious answer is a power supply that runs to your pool equipment to get full access to the pool’s automation system. It is a very straight-forward and easy process. Most houses have internet and wireless connections, so this should not be a problem at all, you do however need to ensure if you are not on an unlimited bandwidth that you have a minimum speed of 3 Mbps for download and upload speeds.

If you find you do not have the best of internet connections then a pool pad is available which can help control your automation system.
Once you have your internet connection sorted, a control hub is needed this will be the heart of your pool automation system.

To ensure that you have the best available for your household, an idea is to have a control hub that controls your various pumps, heater, and smart relays. It should also have the ability to control the lights surrounding your pool areas. Often pool automation systems may include a valve actuator to assist you in controlling the pool to spa control switches.

Chemistry Automation:

To help save the amount of time that you spend taking care of your pool as there are other more enjoyable ways to spend your free time is that most pool automation systems can also automate some of the chemistry levels for you. Two of the most unexpected fluctuations of levels in any pool are the pH and sanitizer levels.
Having a pool automation system to help with the chemical side will keep track of the two levels electronically of course and using the thermostat function set a comfortable level where the device will automatically sense the changes and dispense the correct acids to allow more chlorine to be produced and lower the pH levels in your swimming pools.

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