Best Swimming Pool Lounges

Imagine lazily relaxing in a cool pool on a blistering hot summer’s day. It’s not all about swimming or splashing in the water. Sometimes all you want to do is relax or idly float along on a pool lounger. Well now you can relax in style on the most comfortable pool lounger or have fun floating on the best pool float.

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What to look for in a pool lounger
Shoppers look for a variety of features when they shop for a floating pool lounger. Some prefer not to lay flat on their backs; others prefer to sit up on a chair type of lounger.

Here are some of the things that people want from a top pool lounger:

Is there a cup holder?
Does it contain a built in backrest and/or armrest?
What is its weight capacity?
How many air chambers does it have?
Is it portable?
Can it be towed by a speed boat?

Cup Holder
A built in cup holder enables you to keep your hands free while keeping your beverage safe from spills. This is a very handy feature of floating lounger chairs and is quite sought after. Normally it is hard to balance your beverage holder on the surface of the lounger because it is uneven. Without a built in cup holder, you will either have to remain poolside or you will have to keep going back for your drink.

Keep in mind that only some lounging chairs come with a cup holder; please check the table above to see which ones come with cup holders.

Weight Capacity
The load capacity of pool loungers varies to encompass different weights and age groups. Loungers range in size and weight from babies to adults. The adult weight measurements range from around 170 pounds to around 300 pounds, making it safe for floating. However, jumping on it will exceed the weight capacity of the pool lounger which puts it in danger of getting punctured. Just in case this happens you can repair a puncture; make sure you always have the repair kit at hand.

The table above outlines the weight capacity for the various loungers.

Towable Tubes
A towable tube is different from a pool lounger. Tubes are stronger and they are made to handle the speed created by a speedboat. Pool loungers are not sturdy enough to withstand the power and speed of being towed by a speedboat since they are made for relaxing and lounging in a pool.

Air Chambers
Floats can have single or multiple air chambers. A lounger that has multiple air chambers is handy to have in times of a puncture or slow leak. Your float will not lose all its air as quickly as a single chamber float would. This works as great safety measure.

Armrest and Backrest
Many people look out for this feature as it enables one to sit up and to rest ones neck, back and/or arms.

Is it ok to leave my lounger in the pool?
It’s not good to let your lounger sit in the pool overnight because the materials it is made from can erode over time due to pool chemicals.

During the day it is best to store your lounger away from the sun as it can be damaged by exposure to UV rays.

What is the easiest way to inflate a pool float?
A simple electric pump will work best to blow up your pool lounger in just under a minute.

Can you use pool floats in the ocean?
This is not advisable because it is very lightweight and a strong wave or tide can easily carry it out to sea, which can lead to injuries.

How do I store my pool float in winter?
First deflate your loungers fully and then lay them out to completely dry out then fold them. Make sure you store them in a cool, dry place.

Storage hack: Either buy or make up your own pool float storage box. It’s quick and simple and helps you to store and organize your different sized pool floats.

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