Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin E10 is a mechanical solution for that pesky problem that bothers every above-ground pool owner: cleaning out your pool. We’re not alone in wanting more time soaking up the sun and drinking out of glasses with little umbrellas and less time doing the backbreaking work of scrubbing the pool by hand. If you agree, then the Dolphin E10 may just be for you.

The Dolphin E10 is a mid-priced pool robot that will give your above-ground pool a good cleaning with little hassle and without breaking the bank. Instead of paying the neighborhood kid or scrubbing the pool yourself, you will only need to turn the Dolphin on, drop it in, take it out, and clean the filter basket. That’s it! Instead of spending 45 minutes or an hour cleaning the pool manually with a vacuum, you can spend that time relaxing and letting the robot do all of the work.

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Pros and Cons?


It’s smart. The Dolphin E10 uses powerful new technology to map out the surfaces of your pool and store this information in it’s electronic “brain.” Then, it will go over every inch of your pool using advanced algorithms. It has some of the most advanced tech ever put into a pool cleaning robot.

It’s got moves. Instead of normal wheels, the Dolphin E10 uses Hypergrip treads, allowing it to get a stronger grip on the pool floor than other robots. Some customers have even reported that the Dolphin has started climbing up the walls of their pool, using its advanced grip to go above and beyond the normal cleaning routine.

It’s efficient. The Dolphin only consumes about five cents’ worth of electricity for every hour it is in operation. This makes it eight times more energy efficient than suction pool cleaners or pressure side cleaners. The Dolphin works on a 90 minute cleaning cycle, meaning that a full clean will only cost you pennies on the dollar.

It’s a hard worker. The Dolphin E10 is equipped with powerful brushes that can scrub away at stubborn stains like few other cleaning robots can. Save your own energy by letting this little helper do all of the work.

It’s independent. This pool robot does not need to connect to your primary pump system. It is a self-contained unit, which lends itself to hassle free cleaning and maintenance. And speaking of maintenance…

It’s easy to take care of. The filter basket can be accessed easily by opening the access hatch. All you need to do then is take the basket out and hose it down. Plus, the quick water release function makes the robot lighter when you are bringing it to and from the pool. How easy is that?


Sometimes, due to a variety of factors, the Dolphin E10 can produce results that vary greatly. You may have a great winning streak when the robot is giving you a clean pool every time, only to be confounded when it turns up a mediocre job the next day. If this happens, you may need to run it a second time after cleaning out its filter basket.

Also, there is no swivel cable. What this means practically is that the cord might end up getting tangled, especially if the Dolphin E10 is able to fit underneath your ladder and wind the cord around the legs.

It does not come with a smartphone app. This means that there is no way to program it on a cleaning schedule. You will have to start it up manually every time.

Some things are not included. In order to pick up sand, for example, you will need to purchase a finer filter. The Dolphin E10 also does not include a caddy.

Look carefully at the two-year warranty. The plastic parts are covered under the two-year warranty. But, for the cable, power supply, and the motor unit, the warranty is only one year.

The final verdict: The Dolphin E10 pool cleaning robot is a good buy

Thanks to all of its features and the great convenience it offers, we think the Dolphin E10 is worth the money. Instead of breaking your back by scrubbing and vacuuming, you can turn it on and set it to work while you enjoy your day off.

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner — Powerful Active Scrubbing Brush — Easy-Access Top Load Filters for Easy Maintenance — Ideal for Above-Ground Swimming Pools up to 30 FT in Length 
  • The Dolphin E10 robotic pool vacuum cleaner does the work so you don't have to. The active scrubbing brush provides exceptional pool cleaning every time. With the Dolphin’s energy-saving features, not only is the floor of your pool actively scrubbed, you save money, too.  The durable brush is gentle on your pool but tough on debris. 
  • Get your pool exceptionally clean with the easy-access, top load fine filter basket. The fine filters remove debris from your pool for crystal-clear water. Its powerful filtration keeps your pool clean all year long. 

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