Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Escape is one of the cheapest robotic pool cleaner made by Maytronics, a front runner in the robotic pool cleaning technology industry.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Escape

A simple, reasonable robotic cleaner that eve comes with plenty of advanced features: Hyperbrush scrubbing, complex filtration, a SmartNav system, and rubber moving tread that guarantee the unit swiftly yet deeply cleans every crevice of any above-ground pool.

The Dolphin Escape has a dual-motor system so that it is energy efficient, using considerably less energy than its competitors.
All in all, the Dolphin Escape is the top of the line product you are looking for without having to break the bank for a standalone pool cleaner.

We are now going to get into what makes this such a great product.

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Cleaning Ability

Keep in mind the Dolphin Escape is meant exclusively for standalone pools.

It is equipped with a 40′ cable so that you need not worry that the cleaner can reach every corner of the pool without any tangling problems.

As soon as you place the Escape in your pool, it scans the surface of the pool using the newly engineered SmartNav system, which scans and maps the whole surface area. The scanner is constantly working, guiding the Escape to cover every inch of the pool without going over areas it has already been through. This is great regarding efficiency, meaning it can get a thorough clean cycle without wasting time, whereas other robotic pool cleaners use a random-walk to navigate.

Dolphin Escape
Dolphin Escape

To make sure there is no leftover dirt or debris, the Dolphin Escape uses a HyperBrush, a quick spinning brush that provides a deep clean. This brush loosens up all the algae, bacteria, and other particles to float away to be vacuumed up later.

From there, the debris is then passed through the cleaner’s advanced filtration system of superfine filters that catch on to everything from the smallest particles to twigs and larger debris. These filters grab everything, leaving your pool as clean as possible.

The filtered out debris is deposited into the oversize filter cartridge. With greater capacity than normal, the Escape can handle more debris and allows the cleaner to run for days before needing to replace the cartridge.

An especially interesting feature the Escape offers is the ability to clean bi-directionally. Meaning whether the Escape is going forward or in reverse, it can scrub down and pick up debris. This function makes it one of the more efficient cleaners on the market and cuts down cleaning time, so you don’t have to work around its schedule so much.
Most reviews on Amazon and other retail websites show that customers are happy with the abilities offered by this incredibly affordable robotic pool cleaner.

Our Favorite Features

HyperGrip (Continuous) Rubber Tracks

One of the biggest struggles robotic pool cleaners seem to face is remaining stuck to surfaces close enough where they can adequately clean them. Often the water will reduce the traction had, meaning that it will slip and slide down walls and steeper surfaces. Then leading the cleaner to take longer to clean, constantly trying to attack these surfaces they cannot reach and missing places they have gotten to yet.

Dolphin Escape found a solution to this dilemma with their HyperGrip running tread.

Going with the continuous track instead of traditional wheels, the unit is better able to keep traction when moving through the water. There is contact throughout the process because the track can stick to the surface, allowing a more steady clean even when dealing with walls.

These track drives are more able to handle going over large obstacles and bigger pieces of debris. Occasionally you’ll see twigs and leaves jamming up a wheel system, but this is not a problem when discussing the track system.


Some of the first robot pool cleaners (some of the cheap ones of today’s products) utilize a “random-walk” system that guides them around the pool. As the nomenclature suggests, they follow a random pattern around the pool floor and use statistics to ensure a proper clean job. When given plenty of time, the odds were that it would be able to cover every inch of the pool.

With that, it requires plenty of time, wasting time and energy.

It was keeping that in mind, the engineers at Maytronics designed a SmartNav system where the Escape would be able to scan and map the entire pool. It would be able to memorize and then intelligently navigate the area without going over a spot twice.

This SmartNav system allows the Escape to be incredibly efficient, able to clean your pool in less time, and in a better fashion than most other systems.

With this mapping system, the SmartNav can detect if something is not right. If there is a ladder, a drain, or even steps, the robotic cleaner will sense it and adjust its course of action accordingly. This SmartNav system then reduces the chances that the Escape will get caught on something.

This feature is becoming more common in the newer, lower-priced units of today’s robotic cleaners.

Top-Loading Oversized Filter Cartridge

The Dolphin Escape comes with an abnormally large extra-large filter cartridge so that it can hold more debris than the other robotic cleaners out there.

Cleaning of these filters is incredibly easy. The ability to access the filter from the top-access door is underrated; you can remove the cartridge and empty it with incredible ease.
These top-loading filters are something we often look for, instead of the typical bags that come with cleaners of this price bracket.

Dolphin Escape
Dolphin Escape

The Pros

The Dolphin Escape uses many innovative features to create fantastic results. The 14-pound machine packs a lot of features into its big size, features that make your life as a pool owner that much easier.

The Dolphin Escape moves around your pool with more control and better grip strength than conventional models. Where other pool cleaning robots rely on wheels, the Dolphin Escape uses Hypergrip treads in order to maximize grip on all sorts of pool surfaces. While older models may get stuck and spin their wheels due to lack of traction, the Hypergrip treads make it so that no such thing will interrupt the Dolphin Escape’s cleaning mission.

With the inclusion of SmartNav technology, your robot will be smarter and more efficient than ever. Many older models simply plodded along on randomized routes. But not the Dolphin Escape. Using SmartNav, your robot will scan the pool and use an advanced algorithm to determine the best route and avoid obstacles like ladders. This also means that the Dolphin Escape will not waste any energy by taking inefficient pathways or going over spots a second time. And speaking of saving energy…

The Dolphin Escape is incredibly energy efficient, using around 90% less power than other models on the market. The Escape uses a low-voltage DC motor that only requires about 180 watts, which is all that it requires to give your pool a quality cleaning. In fact, even with such low power requirements, the Dolphin Escape can still maintain a suction rating of a whole 4000 GPH, meaning it can hold its own alongside more expensive models.

The Dolphin Escape also features a uniquely large filter cartridge and a robust filtration system. The top-filled cartridge has a capacity that is up to 60% larger than other models. The filtration system can handle all sorts of pool debris, including algae and even large debris like leaves.

With all of these incredible features, you would think that a person would have to empty their wallet to afford such a versatile machine. But the price is just one more great feature of the Dolphin Escape. Even though the value you are getting is comparable to a high-end model, the price is more comparable to a mid-tier cleaning robot. This means more money in your pocket, and who doesn’t like that?

Last but not least, the purchase of the Dolphin Escape includes several necessary components in a single package. You will get the robot, the standard filtration canister, a specialized power unit, a 40 ft. anti-tangle power cable, and the user’s manual. The Dolphin Escape also comes with a two-year warranty, which is a very long time compared to other pool cleaning robots on the market.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Review
Dolphin Escape

The Cons: What do customers dislike?

Even though the Dolphin Escape offers many different features, no product is perfect. Some customers and users had common complaints or issues with the Dolphin Escape that you should know about. One of the most common issues people have is the lack of any sort of app or timer. Because the Dolphin Escape has no app or timer function, people have to start it and set it going manually. Many users would have preferred having the option to set the robot on its own cleaning schedule so that they could “set and forget”.

People have also complained about the lack of any remote control for the Dolphin Escape. There are many models that do not compare with the Dolphin in other ways that, nonetheless, have the option of a basic remote function.

Another complaint that customers have relates to the ultra-fine filter basket. The ultra-fine basket must be bought separately, as it is not standard.

The biggest complaint that customers have occurs when using the Dolphin Escape in larger pools. This model is optimized for pools that are no larger than thirty feet. Anything within this size can be cleaned in around 90 minutes. But, for larger pools, the robot can miss some spots and it may take longer.

What do Customers Like?

Most customers are impressed with the Hypergrip treads on their Dolphin Escapes. Working with the SmartNav technology, the sure grip of these underwater treads make a noticeable difference when it comes to cleaning the pool in a timely manner. Many users have remarked that their perspective has completely changed when it comes to how long it takes to clean a pool.

Other customers have remarked on the Dolphin Escape’s ability to clean the pool without making too much noise. Many people say that their robot never made any noticeable sound during its whole 90-minute cleaning cycle. So, if you would rather relax by the pool instead of scrubbing and vacuuming it, this is the robot for you.

Another success of the Dolphin Escape is the robot cleaner’s ability to handle the tough task of cleaning up the pool in preparation for opening and closing the pool for the season. In either case, this can involve some more heavy-duty cleaning than what is normally required. But thanks to the large cannister and the efficient speed of the Dolphin, it has shown customers that it has what it takes to complete this task.

The number one thing that users are most pleased about, however, is definitely the included two-year warranty. Not only is such an inclusive warranty usually unheard of when it comes to pool cleaners in this price range, but customers have the option to purchase an additional two years of coverage for their Dolphin Escape! Even though the Dolphin Escape is a well-made machine, unpredictable things happen, and it can help put your mind at ease knowing that the warranty has you covered.


The Dolphin Escape is the top-of-the-line when it comes to the lower-priced robotic pool cleaners for standalone pools. It has the most advanced features and packs it into a simple, compact package.

The Escape is great at cleaning almost every standalone pool in less than a couple of hours.

Even though, you don’t get a timer, scheduler, remote, or caddy, you get almost every other advanced feature that makes a difference in quality. All these advanced features are packed into a product that can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to similarly-equipped cleaners.

In the end, the Dolphin Escape completes an amazing job tidying any pool in under 2 hours, at a crazy deal.

Dolphin Escape Above Ground Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Escape


Anybody who owns a pool knows that keeping it clean is an important part of keeping your pool safe and enjoyable. They also know that cleaning the pool is a huge pain in the neck. With this new pool cleaning machine offers users a real “escape” from the drudgery of scrubbing and vacuuming out their above ground pools.

The Dolphin Escape gives many of the benefits of a pool cleaning robot with the added appeal of a middle-of-the-road price. When Maytronics designed the Dolphin Escape, they were looking to create a pool cleaning robot that combined high-quality construction and design with different and innovative features to shake up what people expect from a robot in this price range.

The Dolphin Escape is a great option for an automatic pool cleaning robot. With its combination of SmartNav technology, Hypergrip treads, Energy efficiency, and incredible two-year warranty, Maytronics has outdone themselves with this model, all at an affordable price compared to other robots of comparable size.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner (2023 Model) — Massive Top-Loading Filter, Dual Motors, HyperBrush, HyperGrip Tracks, Smart Navigation — For Above Ground & In-Ground Pools up to 33ft
  • Delivers unmatched performance for any above ground or in-ground pool at an unthinkable cost. Perfect for any shape swimming pool made with vinyl, fiberglass, gunite up to 33ft
  • No messy bags! Large and in charge oversized debris cartridge holds up to 60% more debris. Escape's Hyperbrush Scrubbing Brush scrubs and vacuums away difficult to remove contaminants, algae, and debris.

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Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner | Recommended

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