Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

You might be familiar with the Dolphin Nautilus pool robot quartet – the original Dolphin Nautilus, the Dolphin Nautilus CC, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, and the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. While they are of a similar size and share many functions, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus model is undoubtedly the most popular.

As compared to the original Dolphin Nautilus model, the CC models clean more efficiently. The CC Plus, however, is an upgraded version of the normal CC models at a slightly steeper cost. The CC Plus can cover a wider cleaning distance and has bigger filters to clean more efficiently as compared to the normal CC models.

Perhaps the best feature of the CC Plus model, is its ability to clean the walls and floor of a 50 feet pool within just 2 hours! The cleaning efficiency of this robot is almost unparalleled to others in the market.

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Automatic Operation of the Robot

The Nautilus CC Plus excels in being able to automatically clean your pool without you having to do anything! In most cases, appliances which work automatically require some sort of manual set up and supervision. However, this is not the case for the Nautilus CC Plus.

For me, the experience of using the Nautilus CC Plus was akin to having a robotic maid who could do whatever you needed without you having to worry. The only effort that was required on my part was to plug it into the power source, turn it on, and simply leave it in the pool.

The Nautilus CC Plus is built to work best in in-ground pools about 50 feet long, regardless of the shape of the pool. Since our pool was around 30 feet long, the length of its cord was more than enough to allow the CC Plus to clean the entire pool effectively.

Also, with the Nautilus CC Plus, you will never need to worry about remembering to clean your pool. This model comes with the function of allowing you to program your preferred weekly cleaning intervals by simply pressing the “1”, “2”, or “3” buttons on the display screen. They represent, respectively, cleaning once a day, once in two days, or twice a week. This is a huge time saver because you simply have to pre-set the robot and it will help you clean your pool automatically. You do not even need to remember to turn off the robot because it will automatically shut down after completing its work.

Review of the Dolphin Pool Cleaner’s Performance

With its Clever Cleaning (CC) technology, the CC Plus managed to clean the pool well. Not only did it manage to remove debris from the floor of the pool, but also climb the walls and waterline of the pool to remove debris or algae. While it didn’t manage to clean our seating area the first time, it managed to do so the second time.

However, we noticed some issues with the CC Plus. Firstly, we realized that the CC Plus was not moving after two and a half hours of cleaning.

We didn’t know if the CC Plus was done cleaning, or if it was spoilt because there was no indication from the machine. However, this was not cause for worry because in spite of that, the CC Plus did an excellent job in cleaning the pool.

We also faced some issues removing the robot from the pool. The robot simply stopped in the middle of the pool after it was done cleaning, so we did not really know what to do.

Honestly, we thought the robot would stop where we first placed it. But this wasn’t a big issue because we could simply just gently tug on the cable of the robot to guide it back to the edge of the pool. However, one thing to note is that the machine is very heavy after cleaning because of the water collected.

That’s why we would recommend you to be careful when carrying the CC Plus out of the pool, and to drain the water over the pool before removing it from the pool.

The CC Plus did an impressive job clearing the pool of very fine debris such as silt and sand. The best part is, perhaps, that this was done only with the standard filters that it came with. Imagine how much fine debris it would be able to remove if we used the fine filters instead!

Stand-Out Features of the Nautilus CC Plus

1. Clever Clean (CC) System
The Clever Clean system in the CC Plus works together with the sensors in the machine to determine the most efficient way to clean your pool within two hours. In addition, it can sense obstacles in its path and avoid those obstacles effectively.

2. Auto-release of water
Despite the Nautilus CC Plus being extremely light at 16 pounds, it can still be heavy after cleaning your pool due to the water collected. What’s great about the CC Plus is that it will automatically release the water stored so that you can remove it from the pool with ease.

3. Dual-layered filtration
Unlike most robotic pool cleaners in the market, the CC Plus has a separate filter for large and small debris. This will make it more convenient for you to clean the debris from the machine, as compared to other cleaners in the market where you would have to take time to sort out the debris. This feature makes it a lot more convenient to clean your pool with the robot.

4. Navigation
The CC Plus comes with an anti-swivel cable which allows it to move around your pool with ease, without needing to worry that the cables would get tangled. The floating buoy on the cord also allows it to stay on the surface of the water.

5. Ability to climb pool walls
When looking for a robotic pool cleaner, you should definitely look for one that can climb pool walls and steps to be able to clean thoroughly. The CC Plus is perfect as it’s rubber tires not allows the robot to climb surfaces well. Also, the CC system allows the robot to clean the surfaces while it is climbing. However, it should be noted that the ability of the CC Plus to climb is only limited to the pool walls and the lower steps of the pool stairs.

6. Heavy-duty scrubbing brushes
The CC Plus comes with dual heavy-duty scrubbing brushes that come in a combination of blade sizes with meshes between them. The combination of such features on the brushes allow the robot to effectively clean any dirt and debris in your pool. It can clean both fine debris and stains equally well. However, it should be noted that if the surfaces of your pool are rough, you might need to constantly replace them because of the higher wear and tear. However, this would not be a problem because you can buy individual replacement brushes.

Pros and Cons of the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

60 foot long cable that will not get tangled
Quiet system
Ability to climb pool surfaces for easy cleaning
Convenience in removing, cleaning, and replacing filters
Ability to buy replacement parts easily
Possesses advanced filtration system

Might require more effort to carry it from the pool after cleaning due to the excess storage of water
Uninformative instruction manual
For additional portability, you need to purchase an additional caddy

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Video


1. Can I swim while the robotic pool cleaner is working at the same time?
We would recommend you to avoid doing this. This is so because you run the risk of being electrocuted or being tangled with the cables. Although the cables are watertight, there is still a risk of electricity being transferred to the water. Also, since the robotic pool cleaner is constantly moving around the pool, you will need to navigate around the robot and could possibly get tangled in the cables.

2. How often should I clean the pool with the robotic pool cleaner?
This varies based on how clean you want your pool to be. We would recommend you to clean the pool with the CC Plus at least once a week. However, if you use your pool regularly such as during warm seasons, we advise cleaning your pool once every two days. Otherwise, cleaning just once a week would suffice.

3. Can the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus be programmed to clean automatically?
Yes you can, however, it can only be programmed on a weekly basis. This means that you can program it to clean either every day, once every two days, or once every three days in a single week. Once the week is over, you will have to reprogram the machine. However, I personally prefer not to program my machine since I usually keep it away after using. Also, this reminds me to constantly clean the filters to ensure efficient cleaning the next round.

Overall, the Nautilus CC Plus is an outstanding robotic pool cleaner in the market. However, some customers have expressed their disappointment at the lack of customer support from Maytronics. Customers are also disappointed that the CC Plus seems to be less reliable compared to previous models and that a caddy is not included with the purchase.

In spite of that, compared to the older models, the Nautilus CC Plus can clean your pool very effectively. It can clean the floor and walls of the pool, and its filters can trap all kinds of debris and grime. It is also easy to clean the filters of the CC Plus after use because the filters are top load cartridge filters which can be easily removed and cleaned.

However, you should note that while the Nautilus CC Plus has a long cable, the cord of the power supply is relatively short and is not waterproof. You should remember to keep the power supply dry so that you don’t experience your power supply being damaged quickly.

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