How to Clean Your Pool Liner?

It is easy to forget about maintaining the pool when it is there for our enjoyment. However, to gain maximum enjoyment from one’s pool, it needs to be cleaned regularly to be hygienic and safe to use. This guide will offer you some valuable tips to ensure that your pool is in tip-top shape.

Do not drain your vinyl liner pool
If you take anything away from this guide, this rule should be it. Refrain from draining your above ground vinyl liner pool during cleaning. The pool water supports the liner, and you risk causing severe damage to your pool if you drain it. Should you have to drain your pool for a particular reason, contact a professional pool expert who can assist you with this.

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Perform a weekly cleaning routine
It would be best if you cleaned your pool at least once a week to extract any debris from accumulating. The cleaning process of vacuuming and brushing will target those hard-to-reach areas and clear your pool from unwanted dirt. If you are usually your pool more regularly, then you should clean it more often. Browse the internet for pool apps that will educate you on your weekly cleaning routine.

Tennis balls absorb pool oils
No matter how clean we are, natural oils from our hair and sweat mix and oils from sunscreen mix with the pool water. To clean the pool from these oils, place one or two tennis balls in the water. The tennis ball’s fibres soak up the oils, which then prevents any fading, staining, and long-term damage to the liner.

Make use of natural cleaners
Many people prefer to use natural cleaners instead of using chemicals that can cause or aggravate skin conditions. White vinegar and organic dish soap work just as well as chemical cleaners when eradicating mildew and stains from the pool liner. Also, these natural cleaners are more cost-effective.
Pro tip: When using a new cleaning product, test it out on a small surface of the pool to ensure that you do not bleach or fade the liner, resulting in long-term damage.

Start brushing from the top of the pool
Always brush from the pool’s top, working your way towards the bottom of the pool floor. When brushing this way, the dirt will fall towards the pool floor, which is the area that you will brush last.
Sometimes vacuums and brushing miss hard to reach areas, like stairs and ladders. Thus it is advised to pay special attention to those areas when brushing the pool. Using a smaller brush or a pool cleaning mitt will ensure a proper scrub and prevent dirt accumulation, which damages the liner.

Invest in a robotic pool cleaner
To ensure a thorough clean with none of the manual labour, buy a robotic pool cleaner. These handy pool cleaners are wonderfully convenient!

Regularly test the chemical levels
Dirt and debris can affect the pool’s chemical levels, which is why you should test the pool water regularly, before and after a thorough clean. Proper water chemistry will help deter algae that could essentially stain and damage the pool liner.

Get an annual professional clean
While you may clean your pool the required once weekly, it is advised that a professional clean it annually as they possess superior equipment that can service your pool’s condition for the following year. A professional pool expert can also examine your liner and your pool parts’ proper function, ensuring that you do not have to pay the expensive costs later down the line for serious maintenance issues.

We hope this guide has helped educate you on the specifics of pool liner maintenance; if you require a new pool liner, head over to LinerWorld for an extensive range of liners for your above ground swimming pool.

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